Join the PSPA Board

The PSPA board, elected annually in March, serves for one year. Board meetings are held monthly before the PSPA Speaker Series.  All parents and guardians are welcomed to attend the board meetings which usually begin at 5:30 in the Underwood Room next to Kemper Auditorium. For 2018-19, we are meeting in Elson Room 231 due to the library renovation project.

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of Board Positions

For any questions on board positions, contact PSPA  Co-Presidents Sun Jen Yung and Rob Webster

Officers and Board of Directors 2018-2019


Co-Presidents:  Sun Jen Yung  Rob Webster

1st Vice President: Michael Fleming

2nd Vice President: Kim McCullom

Treasurer: Patricia Kelley

Assistant Treasurer: Elizabeth Koontz

Secretary: Mona Goldthwaite


Board of Directors

Communications:  Caroline Ren, Rob Webster, Deborah Lai

Merchandise: Lisa Lapp, Carol Wilde, Pearl Zhu

Regional Activities: Henry Tilghman, Kerty Levy

Summer Opportunities: Kim McCullom, Karen Bibeau, Deborah Lai


Class Representative Directors

Senior Class (19): Caroline Ren, Yan Wang
Upper Class (20): Michael Fleming , Sun Jen Yung
Lower Class (21): Gillian Pearlson , Robin Pollock
Junior Class (22): Amanda Lough. Jodi Gibeley


PSPA supports student activities on campus through fundraising. The two major fundraisers are:

  1. Summer Opportunities Fair, held annually in late January/early February
  2. Campus Closet – PA Merchandise sales online and at campus events throughout the year