There are many different ways to be involved with PSPA throughout the school year!

Signup for Campus Revisit Days here:

Current Sign-up Sheets

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• Merchandise Sales in our PSPA Campus Closet –Located in the Lower Level of George Washington Hall (near the mail room) -This is a great way to see the students, meet other parents, help raise funds for student activities, and feel connected to the Andover experience, all during a 2-hour shift!
 Summer Opportunities Fair in January- Volunteers will be needed in shifts to help set up, greet attendees, register exhibitors. This is our largest single-day fundraiser event of the year!
• Casino Night in February – Volunteers needed as dealers and cashiers for a fun night, all for a good cause.

Look on the right side of the screen for current opportunities to volunteer with the Campus Closet and check back often for other opportunities throughout the school year!

Come join us. You’ll be glad you did.

Additional, non-PSPA volunteer opportunities for parents:

Parent Fund: http://www.andover.edu/campaign/volunteers/Pages/ParentFund.aspx