There are many different ways to be involved with PSPA throughout the school year!

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• Merchandise Sales in our PSPA Campus ClosetLocated in the Lower Level of George Washington Hall (near the mailroom) -This is a great way to see the students, meet other parents, help raise funds for student activities, and feel connected to the Andover experience, all during a 2-hour shift!
Summer Opportunities Fair on January 22(noon-3 p.m.) – Volunteers needed in shifts to help set up, greet attendees, register exhibitors.
• Casino Night in February – Volunteers needed as dealers and cashiers for a fun night, all for a good cause.

Click here for current opportunities and check back often for other opportunities throughout the school year!

Come join us. You’ll be glad you did.


Additional, non-PSPA volunteer opportunities for parents:

Parent Fund: http://www.andover.edu/campaign/volunteers/Pages/ParentFund.aspx