The PSPA board, elected annually in March, serves for one year. Board meetings are held monthly before the PSPA Speaker Series.  All parents and guardians are welcomed to attend the board meetings which (in a typical year) usually begin at 5:30/6:00 pm in the Underwood Room next to Kemper Auditorium.

For any questions on board positions, contact PSPA Co-Presidents : Harpreet Kaur, Kapris Santiago (email :

Officers and Board of Directors 2022-2023


Co-Presidents: Harpreet Kaur P’18 & P’24, Kapris Santiago P’24

1st Vice President: Courtney Keim P’25

2nd Vice President: Sharda Caro P’25 P’26

Treasurer: Patty Bechard P’24

Assistant Treasurer:

Recording Secretary: Sonia Virmani P’21 P’25

Board of Directors

Director, Marketing & Communications: Bonnie Huang P’24

Director, Campus Closet: Nancy Laner P’24,

Director, Summer & GAP Guide:

Class Representative Directors

Senior Class(’24) : Jen Bainbridge

Senior Class Activities Chair(’24) :

Upper Class (’25): Sharda Mehta,

Lower Class (’26): Liang Wang, Namrata Gupta

Junior Class (’27):

PSPA supports student activities on campus through fundraising. The two major fundraisers are:

  1. Summer Opportunities Fair, held annually in late January/early February
  2. Campus Closet – PA Merchandise sales online and at campus events throughout the year