If you live close enough to campus, we look forward to seeing you at the Speaker Series or one of the other events PSPA organizes throughout the year.

But even if you live far enough away that you can’t get to campus regularly, you can still be involved with the Andover community.   Andover and its regional alumni groups frequently host events on campus, around the country and around the world. Parents (past and present) are always welcome to attend these events.  Click here to see if there is an upcoming event near you.

If  you live outside of New England and would like to host an event, please contact PSPA’s regional activities liaisons Kerty Levy or  Henry Tilghman.  We can connect you with the Regional Team that organizes events near you.   If you would like to host an event, but live in an area that is not served by a Regional Team, we may be able to help you get it added to the school’s event calendar and invite parents and alumni. Please contact us for more information.

You should also consider volunteering for the Parent Fund.   For more information click here.

Current list of  Andover Regional Leadership Teams:

New England

New York


Washington, DC







Northern California

Southern California